Santen & Hughes provides skilled representation to clients in family crisis, offering support and counsel during times of domestic discord. Our domestic relations attorneys are experienced in all types of endings of marriages, including dissolution through Collaboration or mediation, divorce and division of property, parenting arrangements and spousal and child support. Our DR attorneys also work with clients in post-decree matters, including the enforcement or modification of court orders or agreements. Our attorneys also work in crafting prenuptial agreements prior to marriage.

Division of property and support arrangements often involve complex financial and tax questions. Santen & Hughes brings extensive resources to ensure that our clients are treated equitably in even the most complicated cases. Our attorneys strive to reach results in a time and cost-effective manner.

Divorce "as usual" is no longer the only choice. Collaborative Law, a worldwide movement, provides a respectful, solutions-oriented process seeking to preserve the long term interests of families, in which spouses and their attorneys pledge in writing to resolve their issues without going to court. Spouses can engage neutral experts to help them, including mental health professionals, financial consultants, and child specialists, as appropriate. This innovative approach gives control of the process of ending a marriage to the spouses, and they commit to forthright communication without the involvement of the judge. In our Collaborative Law practice, the goal is to craft workable solutions for the family, develop functioning relationships, and avoid the pain and expense of the courtroom.