Santen & Hughes represents employers in worker's compensation claims in all stages of proceedings before the Ohio Industrial Commission and in court. Our attorneys also bring value to our business clients by working closely with them to implement strategies to reduce the frequency and cost of claims, and to minimize premiums. Through decades of experience working with clients who employ workers, Santen & Hughes has developed a thoughtful and proven approach to achieve these goals.

Our attorneys aggressively contest claims in administrative hearings and in court and effectively cooperate with the Office of the Ohio Attorney General to ensure that our clients are treated fairly within the OIC system. However, our attorneys seek to address the broader issues underlying worker's compensation claims by working with clients to develop best practices for the reduction of the incidence of injury claims and to reduce the cost of resolving claims. Our attorneys work with third party administrators to monitor the claims process and have the experience to identify subrogation claims and exploit other cost mitigating methods. Santen & Hughes takes a sophisticated and comprehensive view of the client's circumstances to help foster a cost effective, safe, and productive workplace environment.

Our attorneys take a similar approach in the representation of employers in unemployment claims. Through detailed documentation of employment decisions and skilled representation of the employer in the administrative process, our attorneys help employers minimize the risk and cost of employment decisions.